Client Reviews

During a recent storm, I lost power in half my home.  I called several electric repair companies to see if someone could give me an estimate.  Not only was Total Power Electric’s estimate free, they could schedule a service call that day.  When they arrived, the Service Technician showed his badge and was very professional and polite.  The Service Technician diagnosed the situation and explained to me that this was a utility provided problem and had nothing to do with my equipment.  I was so grateful for their honesty due to the fact that I know nothing about electricity.  Since then, they have installed a whole home surge protection system.  Thank you Total Power Electric.  Rona Brofermaker

Living so close to the ocean, I dread hurricane season and losing power.  Finally, I decided to install a generator.  I called Total Power Electric to go over options and pricing.  I have used Total Power many times in the past for service calls, dock power, landscape lighting and an electrical service upgrade so I trusted their work.  The owner came out personally, and I decided to install a whole house generator with automatic transfer switch.  I am ready for the next hurricane!  Steve Izzy

Total Power Electric saved me hundreds of dollars!  It was time to remodel my kitchen and after looking at hundreds of designer magazines, I finally decided on a style to go with.  Total Power sat down with me and helped me design my blueprints.  Not only for the lighting, they helped with layout and design.  I was very impressed with their knowledge, craftsmanship, and timeliness.  I have the coolest pendent lights that I have ever seen.  Also, when I prepare my meal, I can see perfectly to read recipes and chop vegetables.  I know it’s great to recommend great companies like Total Power but a part of me wants to keep you guys as a secret so I can have the best kitchen around.  Vivan Bastos

While changing out a simple light switch I ran into a problem.  I never imagined that something that seemed so simple turned into a disaster.  I called Total Power Electric and they arrived within an hour and changed the switch within 10 minutes.  I was so glad I called them.  Thank you.  Miguel Ruiz

I called Total Power Electric to install florescent lights in my garage.  I googled electricians and Total Power came up so I called.  They worked around my schedule so I did not have to take anytime off of work and they were there at the time we agreed upon.  For an extra fee they also corrected some other issues that my wife wanted done.  Evan Hoffman